I want to be a programmer

Of course you do! Programming is incredibly empowering, rewarding, and fun; however, it’s also incredibly difficult to learn. Programming involves writing code that computers or other devices can use to accomplish tasks. But here’s the thing, there are many different ways of writing this code and many different methods we can use. Which is the correct way to write code? When we are first starting out, it doesn’t matter! Refining code and learning why certain methods work better than others will come in time and gained through experience. Just focus initially on getting some code to do something.

“I don’t have a brain for programming” - something I’ve heard from so many young people and even adults over the years and typically occurs after the first 5 minutes of trying, then again at various other points along the learning journey. I can say without a doubt that you have a brain for programming because you have the capacity to make hundreds of decisions every day, you understand how our language is structured, and you can type on a keyboard. This is what it takes to become a programmer but of course there is a little more to it than that - hence all the trouble in learning.

The biggest secret to learning how to program: there is no shortcut! Each concept has to be internalized and fully understood through building projects and working at it consistently. Learning anything of any complexity, especially programming, is not something that can be performed while distracted or not fully mentally engaged in. And this is difficult at first - just staying focused.

Thinking is key! Programming often involves way more thinking than actually writing code. Thinking and especially in a programming way can be frustrating and feel difficult when first starting out but it does get easier the more we work on it.

Persistence is extremely important when learning programming. You will fail, you will feel incompetent, and most of all you’ll want to give up and do something easier. Just stick with it at all costs! Take mental breaks, but be sure to come back to it.

“I’ve learned the basics, but I still can’t write any programs on my own” This is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when programming and, again, working consistently and showing persistence while examining programming projects will get you over this hurdle. Once you get over this hurdle and can assemble a simple program from scratch, you will grow exponentially in the coming weeks leading to so much satisfaction and fun. But until you do, it will test your patience.

To review, it takes lots of thinking, putting in the time, and persistence to learn programming and most of all keeping in mind that you are capable of it! You can do this!

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Register today for Summer and Fall courses. We can not wait to have you join us!

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Quality Technology Education

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Summer Session registration is open!

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