G.O.L.D Scholarship

Support our local students and help us honor one of our own. In 2018 the G.O.L.D. Scholarship (Galaxy Of Living Dreams) was created in honor of MYTEK LAB student, Kaila Jennings. Kaila lost her young life in October 2017. Her loss left behind many broken pieces and shattered hearts... ours included.

The goal for G.O.L.D. is to honor what Kaila loved dearly, which was learning technology at MYTEK LAB. We want to reach more students who are interested in technology, like Kaila was. But, to do this, we need your help.

With your contributions, we will be able to give MYTEK LAB scholarships to students ages 11-14 years old, who may not have had the chance to come in the past. Any amount is helpful and 100% of contributions go directly to students. From summer camps to weekly classes, our new goal is to be able to provide scholarships to students all year long.

Because of amazing G.O.L.D. donors, in the summer of 2018, 5 students were awarded a summer camp week at no cost to them.

Please, contribute to G.O.L.D and help us reach more kids like Kaila. Let’s give them a place of their own, help shape their future and watch their talents soar. Any contribution amount will help and we will keep you updated on how and where your contribution goes. Your contribution can be made public or private.

Together we can reach G.O.L.D levels.

Be The Future.

If you'd like to contribute in other ways or if you'd like information on earning a scholarship, please reach out to us.

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