"You will either love coding or hate it"

Sometimes it's easy to let someone's words or opinions plant a seed in your mind. Consider what would happen if you told a young person who expressed an interest in coding: "You will either love coding or hate it."

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Enroll now for the fall

Points listing the exciting benefits of MYTEK Lab

Register today for Summer and Fall courses. We can not wait to have you join us!

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Why Technology Education is So Important

Hands reaching in the air for MYTEK Lab

Something we are often asked regarding our technology education is, do we offer programming or robotics lessons at MYTEK LAB? It’s as if, as an industry and especially as it relates to children’s education, we’ve been conditioned to think of technology as either relating to programming or robotics.

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Quality Technology Education

A description of the topics you can learn at MYTEK Lab

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of effective and enjoyable education. We fully believe that virtual classes should be no different.

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