Why Technology Education is So Important

Something we are often asked regarding our technology education is, do we offer programming or robotics lessons at MYTEK LAB? It’s as if, as an industry and especially as it relates to children’s education, we’ve been conditioned to think of technology as either relating to programming or robotics. Both programming and robotics are great fields and we offer courses for both; however, we also offer many other opportunities for learning as our philosophy to technology education is helping students become well-rounded by gaining exposure to many different fields. And by approaching it in this manner, many students find a topic with which they become very passionate.

They think there is a lot of hard work involved and haven’t had enough education to create and achieve a goal. The truth is, there aren’t many programs out there that are designed to give teens the tools for success!

In our core TEKnology Lab levels 1, 2, and 3 courses, we offer many engaging and exciting areas of technology learning.

In addition to main areas of focus, we also focus on soft skills like interacting with a computer and understanding how to save and export files, interacting with text files, creating projects that interact with other applications, and many, many more.

Programming is a fundamental aspect woven into many of our lessons but there are also many other creative and professional areas of interest. For instance: 2D and 3D game art development, 3D modeling, virtual reality development, web design, database design, OS administration, networking, and more.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with thousands of students both in person and online and have really perfected the areas of learning we teach as well as the way we teach.

It’s important for students to be engaged in the concepts they’re learning. It’s also important to provide concrete examples for topics that can be obscure in nature and to provide many opportunities for creating projects to help reinforce the learning process.

In our live and interactive online courses, I’m confident your learner will gain numerous technology skills that will serve them in many areas of future academic or professional endeavors.

I look forward to working with your learner!

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"You will either love coding or hate it"

Sometimes it's easy to let someone's words or opinions plant a seed in your mind. Consider what would happen if you told a young person who expressed an interest in coding: "You will either love coding or hate it."

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I want to be a programmer

Cool techie dude with great hair doing some programming.

Of course you do! Programming is incredibly empowering, rewarding, and fun; however, it’s also incredibly difficult to learn. Programming involves writing code that computers or other devices can use to accomplish tasks. But here’s the thing, there are many different ways of writing this code and many different methods we can use. Which is the correct way to write code? When we are first starting out, it doesn’t matter! Refining code and learning why certain methods work better than others will come in time and gained through experience. Just focus initially on getting some code to do something.

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Enroll now for the fall

Points listing the exciting benefits of MYTEK Lab

Register today for Summer and Fall courses. We can not wait to have you join us!

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Quality Technology Education

A description of the topics you can learn at MYTEK Lab

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of effective and enjoyable education. We fully believe that virtual classes should be no different.

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Summer Session registration is open!

In this exciting Summer virtual course, learners will explore low-poly 3D Modeling to create some fun and lively characters. Learners will work with texturing tools, create UV maps to style characters, they will learn how to rig their model to bring it to life with animation, and more!

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