My TEK Lab
What Can I Learn?
Robot Arm
Track Vehicle
Robot Arm
Track Vehicle
Robot Arm
Track Vehicle

My TEK Lab offers an exciting opportunity for kids and young adults to learn specifically about technology, in many different capacities -- hands on, using real world tools and components with lessons specifically designed for elementary to high school level.

We currently offer 3 unique labs with plenty of opportunity to learn and explore with technologies used by technology professionals:

  1. Programming Lab
  2. We really consider programming to be the core of everything we do as it is the driving force behind just about every activity and lesson we offer. And on top of that, it's just really cool! Here is a look at the specific areas we focus on:

    • Web Development
    • Programming
    • App Development
    • Game Development
    • Database Development
    • Operating Systems
  3. Robotics Lab
  4. By combining electronics and programming, we bridge the gap of software and hardware to offer kids a glimpse of what's truly possible with technology in a physical environment. We offer many activities:

    • Raspberry Pi
    • Robotic Arms
    • Wheel and Track Vehicles
    • Electronics
  5. Create Lab
    • 3D Printing
    • Printing
    • Electronic Cutting
    • Graphics
    • 3D Modeling