Summer Session: 3D modeling and Animation

Age: 8-12

Day: Tuesday

Time: 1:00 pm

Start: Jul 09, 2024

End: Jul 18, 2024

Duration: 75 Minutes

Cost: $97/one-time



Summer Session: 3D modeling and Animation

Dates: July 09, 11, 16, 18 (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Ages: 8-12 Time: 1 pm to 2:15 pm EST Cost is $97

In this exciting Summer course, learners will explore low-poly 3D Modeling to create some fun and lively characters. Learners will work with texturing tools, create UV maps to style characters, they will learn how to rig their model to bring it to life with animation, and more! This course is a unique blend between technology and digital art that will bring students closer to modern and future creation of low-poly 3D modeling and animation skills. During this live Summer Session, instructors will also show learners how to export their projects for use in websites and other applications.

This Session is virtual and the entire course will be recorded. If your learner is unable to attend live, they will have access to all of the recordings. Learners will have access to the MYTEK LAB instructors, if they have any questions. These recorded lessons are located in their MYTEK LAB Student Accounts. Instructors will be available during, in between and after each class. 

Materials/requirements needed:

Laptop and or desktop computer running Windows or Mac OS.

We highly recommend Google Chrome for the web browser.

MYTEK LAB Parent Account and Student Account.

Zoom video conferencing software.

Your instructor is Stephen Souders, otherwise known as Mr MYTEK.  Stephen has worked in the field of information technology since he was 15 years old when he began his career by working for an ISP while still in high school. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida Gulf Coast University and a master's degree in Computer Information Systems from Kennesaw State University. Over the years, Stephen has worked specifically in the web development field, managed an Information Technology department, and taught classes at Georgia Highlands College for over 6 years. Stephen and his wife, Jacky, opened MYTEK LAB. Together, they have been teaching technology education to students of all ages since February 2015.